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A resource for the modern man designed to provide insight and information on male hormonal health, andropause - male menopause - bioidentical hormones, testosterone replacement therapy, natural supplements, healthy living, alternative medicine, natural health, chronic medical conditions, sexual health, wellness and disease prevention.

 Our Mission ~
If your desire is to improve your current health condition or to find treatment alternatives for an existing ailment, we encourage you to research the information we have to offer. Our mission is to help men regain the vitality of youth and live a life they were meant to lead.™ Through the effective implementation of natural therapies such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy BHRT, natural testosterone replacement and bioidentical hormones, we gained years of experience that enabled us to differentiate between which methods of hormone balancing produced the most successful and rewarding results for our male patients many of whom had been suffering for years from male menopause, male menopause symptoms or andropause. Often times these men were being misdiagnosed by their doctors and other healthcare providers or were left to suffer the side effects of ineffective therapies. Not any longer…



The Hormone Testosterone

Testosterone is a potent androgen - a masculinizing hormone that influences the development of male sexual characteristics. Testosterone is also classified as anabolic steroid since it promotes the growth of bones, organ systems as well as muscle tissue and enhances the overall bodybuilding function.   But testosterone is more then simply an "anabolic steroid", it also takes a key role in maintaining the health of a man. Normal testosterone levels in men ensure optimal cardiovascular function, healthy blood sugar levels, enhance insulin sensitivity as well as metabolism - this in turn maintains a healthy body composition, improves the muscle to fat ratio, burns excess fat and helps with weight loss. In addition, normal testosterone levels in men help prevent age-related macular degeneration AMD and provide mood support, lessening the chances of depression while decreasing one's risk for Alzheimer’s disease.   Among the many roles it carries out in the body, testosterone is vital for sexual health including healthy libido, normal sexual function and healthy fertility. Normal testosterone levels in men are essential in preventing erectile dysfunction ED…

Dedication to Wellness

Our experience is built upon years of scientific research in the medical field and dedication to our patients' wellbeing. We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information related to bioidentical hormones and natural treatment options so that you may be guided to the best decisions regarding your health.
Bioidentical Hormones for Men, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy  

              Hormones… they dominate our lives. An imbalance of either too much or 
              too little of any particular hormone can wreak havoc on our body. This is 
              the reason why it is imperative for a bioidentical hormones doctor to be 
              able to effectively identify a hormonal imbalance and address the root 
              cause, not merely the symptoms. For many men who previously been 
              suffering the symptoms of andropause and male menopause, bioidentical 
              hormones provided a solution. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy 
              abbreviated as BHRT uses bioidentical hormones for men to treat male 
              hormonal imbalances. Bioidentical hormones for men include natural 
              testosterone (most often in the form of bioidentical testosterone cream or 
              natural testosterone gel) and DHEA (as natural DHEA supplements). The 
              main mode of bioidentical hormone replacement for men is testosterone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones are prescribed by a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. For men, bioidentical hormones offer a natural way to relieve symptoms of andropause - male menopause - while restoring normal testosterone levels and the vitality of youth.

Do I Have Male Menopause, Andropause ? Are These Male Menopause Symptoms ?  

Night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings… typical symptoms of female menopause. Being a man, you never thought you would experience these types of symptoms. The truth of the matter is that men can and do endure these discomforting symptoms that can be attributed to male menopause - also known as andropause. A loss of libido and a decrease in sexual function are among the first signs of a decline in testosterone levels associated with male menopause. Weight gain especially around the abdominal area of the body is often attributed to a hormonal imbalance and can be one of the many symptoms of male menopause. An imbalance of normal testosterone levels in men may results in symptoms of a decline in memory, anxiety and depressed mood. Male menopause symptoms are frequently recognized as a normal part of aging. Other times these male menopause symptoms are misdiagnosed as depression. Learn whether andropause, male menopause may be the cause of your symptoms…

Bioidentical Hormones for Men - the Hormone DHEA

DHEA - dehydroepiandrosterone - is known as the "mother hormone" because it is a precursor to major steroid hormones including testosterone and estrogens. The hormone DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is the most abundant hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of male hormones in adult men are derived from DHEA. The hormone DHEA had been discovered in the 1930s but it wasn't until the 1990s that DHEA research had begun to attract attention of the medical community. At that time scientists were discovering the health benefits that natural DHEA supplementation was able to provide. This research showed connections between the hormone DHEA and its ability to decrease the risk of certain diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer. Nowadays, the hormone DHEA is taken over-the-counter as a natural supplement. Natural DHEA supplements have been used for immune system health, blood sugar support, memory support, healthy libido, anti-aging purposes, depression and weight loss…

Testosterone Replacement, Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When an imbalance of the hormone testosterone is diagnosed by a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones and hormone replacement therapy, there exist several methods through which hormonal balance may be accomplished. The process of restoring normal testosterone levels in men is defined as testosterone replacement therapy, TRT. Bioidentical hormones for men can be implemented into testosterone replacement therapy in the form of bioidentical testosterone cream or natural testosterone gel. Other forms of testosterone replacement therapy include injections of testosterone esters such as testosterone cypionate or testosterone enanthate. In addition, testosterone replacement therapy may utilize testosterone patches and testosterone pellets. A doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones for men can assist you in deciding the form of testosterone replacement therapy that will benefit you most.

   Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy -
   Testosterone Cream 

   Testosterone cream is considered by many
   bioidentical hormone doctors to be the most physiological
   form of testosterone replacement therapy. Likewise,
   testosterone cream is the preferred method of many
   patients due to its simplicity and noninvasive nature.
   Bioidentical testosterone cream applied onto the skin is
   absorbed into the subcutaneous tissue from which it is
   gradually released to the bloodstream over a period of
   approximately 24 hours. Patients who being bioidentical
   testosterone replacement therapy are advised to apply
   testosterone cream onto a lean area of the body -
   testosterone applied to fatty tissue can be converted to
   estrogen. The hormone testosterone increases energy
   levels in the body; therefore doctors who specialize in
   bioidentical hormones for men recommend testosterone
   cream to be applied in the morning.

  Andropause Male Menopause - a Hormonal Imbalance

Male menopause also referred to as andropause is the health condition a middle-aged man experiences that is defined by a gradual decrease in the production of male hormones - androgens - primarily testosterone and DHEA. Male menopause and andropause affects all aging men and therefore is considered to be a normal process in the cycle of life, a normal part of aging. In truth, male menopause and andropause are normal signs of aging however their symptoms are amplified by new environmental factors our ancestors did not face and therefore the effects of male menopause resonate more profoundly in the body of a modern man. Male menopause or andropause is a transition from youthful vitality to old age and senility that can be postponed through the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and implementation of natural bioidentical hormones for men.
                                                                                  Bioidentical Hormones For Men, Bioidentical Hormones, Testosterone, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause Symptoms, AndropauseBioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, TestosteroneBioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, Testosterone, Bioidentical HormonesBioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, TestosteroneBioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, Testosterone, Bioidentical HormonesBioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, Testosterone, Hormone Replacement TherapyBioidentical Hormones, Bioidentical Hormones For Men, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Male Menopause, Andropause, Male Menopause Symptoms, Testosterone Cream, Testosterone