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                            Diagnostic Laboratory, Urine Test, Thyroid Blood Test, Saliva Hormone Testing, 24 Hour Urine Testing, Hormonal Analysis Diagnostic Laboratory

We offer customized, state-of-the-art laboratory testing based on your individual needs and health goals.
We will help you choose the most appropriate and effective laboratory testing to best diagnose your health condition.


The comprehensive diagnostic evaluation we provide gives a very detailed analysis of your body’s metabolism and function. It takes years of intense training to develop the expertise needed to be able to correctly interpret these all-encompassing test results. These types of tests are not offered by most doctors.


You will be provided with colorful and graphic test results that are patient friendly.

The significance of your test results will be discussed with you and explained to you in a very detailed manner by our medical doctor.


Based on the evaluation of your medical history, examination and test results; we will provide you with customized treatment recommendations including: nutritional intervention, lifestyle modifications, recommendations for natural supplements as well as a hormonal or medical prescription if necessary.


We offer basic clinical tests such as:


*Blood count

*Cholesterol and lipid panel

*Metabolic panel

*Thyroid panel


For the patients who seek an in-depth assessment of their health or disease status; we make available advanced laboratory testing.


Our comprehensive laboratory panels include:


  • Multi-factorial biochemistry profile (over 150 markers to assess biochemistry and metabolism of your body). This test will evaluate the levels of key nutrients in your body such as: amino acids, essential fatty acids (including omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, omega 9 fatty acids, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, hydrogenated fatty acids). This panel will assess your metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, your oxidative stress level, your vitamin and mineral levels, mitochondrial health, the metabolism of neurotransmitters as well as your body's detoxification capacity and the levels of heavy metals.

  • Food sensitivity testing and food allergy testing will help you determine which foods may create negative influences on your metabolism. Food sensitivity symptoms may be very vague and it is often difficult to find a direct association of those symptoms with the offending food. Antibodies in the gastrointestinal tract produced to defend the body from invading pathogens can also attack certain foods while in the process of digestion. This may trigger the body's inflammatory response and can be a contributing factor to IBD inflammatory bowel diseases including irritable bowel syndrome, chron's disease and ulcerative colitis. Utilizing food allergy testing alongside food sensitivity testing can be of invaluable benefit for those suffering from auto-immune disorders.

  • Environmental allergy testing determines your body's response levels to environmental allergens such as grass, mold, pollen, etc. Many times these allergens are overlooked as a possible cause of more serious aliments.

  • Oxidative stress markers will determine the effects of free radicals on the cells of your body and your DNA.

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular panel takes into consideration not only HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides but also many more newly discovered indicators of risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as homocysteine or C-reactive protein as well as measurements of cholesterol particle size (VAP test).

  • Detailed hormonal panels derived from blood, saliva and 24hr urine. In the hormonal panel evaluation we base our recommendations on optimal values, not merely the normal reference range. Determining optimal hormonal levels for each individual patient can be a factor effecting successful hormone replacement therapy.

  • Complete stool analysis. This panel can help assess your digestive capacity, including micro flora of your digestive tract (detecting any harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites), the level of inflammation, immunology, and the ability to digest and absorb proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

  • Comprehensive genomic profile will help you to make proper decisions regarding your lifestyle in order to prevent the expression of the genes that you may have inherited from your ancestors. This test identifies the genes that can make you more susceptible to many chronic diseases.

 Hormonal Analysis - Testing for Hormone Levels in the Body


It is very important to decide what type of hormones and/or hormone metabolites are to be evaluated. Then, the most appropriate route of measurement can be determined. Bioidentical hormones are prescribed by a medical doctor based on the results of a hormonal panel.
We offer the following hormonal panels:


  • Blood Test (Serum)

The blood test measures free and bound hormones.

This represents circulating hormones detected at the time of the test.

Serum is the test of choice for evaluation of glandular secretion.


  • 24 Hour Urine Hormones Evaluation Test/ First Void Morning Urine

This test measures hormones released and circulating in the body in a 24hr period as well as metabolites of selected hormones.

Urine is the test of choice for assessment of peripheral metabolism.


  • Saliva Test

Testing for hormones using saliva, is a method which has gained popularity in the recent years. This is due to the simplicity and noninvasive nature of sample collection.


Saliva tests reflect only the metabolic process of salivary glands and a limited passive diffusion of the hormones from the bloodstream.

This test does not represent circulating hormones.


Saliva is used for selected situations such as cortisol and melatonin monitoring of AM/PM circadian rhythm.

Bioidentical Hormone Testing - Beginning Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testing for hormones in the body is one of the first steps in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  A doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones must be able to correctly interpret the hormonal test results of a patient in order to be able to precisely know which hormones in the body are presently imbalanced - either too high or low. A doctor specializing in bioidentical hormones is able to prescribe the needed amount of each particular hormone as well as the advise the patient on the most appropriate method of application. The goal of initial testing for hormones is to establish baseline for a treatment protocol. Follow-up testing is needed to ensure that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is effectively balancing and/or maintaining optimal hormone levels. Bioidentical hormone testing can be accomplished through a veriety of methods, however testing for hormones through a blood test or urine test has a track record of being the most accurate means of measuring hormone levels.