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 Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Bioidentical Hormones Doctor in Chicago ILChicago Bioidentical Hormones Doctors

        ~Chicago Doctor Specializing in Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy ~

Dr. Maria Kraszynska, M.D. has her private practice located in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook Illinois (part of Chicago’s North Shore) were she devotes her medical experience to help patients regain optimal health and a sense of wellness. She has dedicated her medical career to the study and utilization of bioidentical hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging medicine, nutritional supplements and other natural alternative medicine treatments.

Bioidentical Hormones Chicago An Alternative Medicine Doctor Helping Patients Throughout Chicago and Midwest

Her patients include those who have been searching for an experienced and knowledgeable bioidentical hormones doctor and have come from across Chicago and the Chicago land area including Skokie, Northbrook, Lake Forest, Glencoe, Park Ridge, Glenview, Deerfield, Schaumburg as well as those who have traveled from out of state including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, as far as Texas, California, New York and Alaska, to take advantage of the skill and expertise Dr. Kraszynska can offer to patients who are seeking to balance their health in the most effective way.

After graduating from family practice residency at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago. Doctor Maria Kraszynska began her career as a primary care doctor in the Chicago area. However, she soon discovered that allopathic therapies used for the treatment of various chronic medical conditions often times provided little benefit to the patient. The risk factor for dangerous side effects (both short term as well as long term) far outweighed any benefits these therapies could provide.

Doctors Specializing in Bioidentical Hormones, Bioidentical Hormones Doctors An Alternative Medicine and Bioidentical Hormones Doctor in Chicago Since 1996

Therefore, since 1996 Doctor Kraszynska, has been incorporating alternative medicine therapies in her medical practice. She strongly believes that a treatment protocol has to be tailored for the individual person and his or her present health situation. Consequently, Doctor Kraszynska in her Chicago practice integrates the therapies and treatments from both allopathic and alternative medicine that best serve her patients.

                                 Doctors Specializing in Hormone Imbalance

Patients who seek Doctor Kraszynska’s help were often treated by many allopathic doctors in the Chicago area, yet without positive results. Especially since negative effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy were documented in Wyeth’s Women Health Initiative, many women in Chicago land were left to suffer menopausal symptoms. Doctor Kraszynska offers to these women healthy solutions through use of bioidentical hormones and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Also thyroid symptoms, especially mild hypothyroidism, are often left unaddressed by allopathic doctors. The typical form for evaluating thyroid gland function is measurement of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), but due to the fact that normal laboratory values for thyroid stimulating hormone are very broad, many patients who have mild hypothyroidism, will still have normal laboratory values of DISH. Doctor Kraszynska believes, that those with mild or sub-clinical hypothyroidism deserve medical attention. She can provide to these patients natural bioidentical thyroid hormones to alleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Bioidentical Hormones Doctors Using Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Her Chicago Practice

Women’s menopausal symptoms have been treated with hormone replacement therapy for over 50 years, however, male menopause or andropause symptoms, until recently were largely neglected by many doctors. Doctor Kraszynska, assists her male patients through bioidentical hormones replacement therapy utilizing bioidentical testosterone and bioidentical DHEA.

With the aim of educating the general public on the subjects of wellness, bioidentical hormones, and alternative medicine, Doctor Kraszynska offers lectures throughout Chicago’s North Shore and at many Chicago educational institutions.

In Doctor Kraszynska’s own words:

The needs of every patient are individually unique, and each one has his/her own distinctive biological blueprint. The secret is being able to correctly read and interpret this blueprint,
only then can one achieve the desired health results.
The problem is not the condition of one’s health, but the way it is approached.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Chicago
 Chicago Doctor Maria Kraszynska, M.D. Treated Patients with the following Conditions:

                                    Hormonal Imbalances               Early Menopause Symptoms
                                    Thyroid Imbalances               Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
                                    Perimenopause                Inflammatory Bowel Disease
                                    Menopause                Cardiovascular Diseases
                                    Hypothyroidism               Neurotransmitter Imbalances
                                    Hyperthyroidism                   Attention Deficit Disorder
                                    Vitamin D Deficiency               Irritable Bowel Syndrome
                                    Estrogen Dominance                   Food Allergies
                                    Andropause (Male Menopause)        Depression
                                    Symptoms of Low Testosterone            Arthritis
                                    Symptoms of Low Progesterone               Obesity
                                    Post Menopausal Syndrome (PMS)             Fibromyalgia
                                    Perimenopause Symptoms                       High Cholesterol
                                    Symptoms of Menopause                      Diabetes
                                    Thyroid Symptoms                            Autoimmune Disorders
                                    Hypothyroidism Symptoms            Hypertension

Natural Hormone Replacement Chicago Doctor Maria Kraszynska M.D. Offers Alternative Medicine Services:

Holistic MD Chicago    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
    Hormonal testing through blood urine and saliva
    Wellness and Disease Prevention
    Nutritional Counseling
    Comprehensive Metabolism Evaluation and Treatment
    Hormonal Balance Restoration for Men
    Food Sensitivity Testing
    Chronic Disease Treatment 
    Thyroid Hormone Balancing
    Hormonal Balance Restoration for Women
    Adrenal Stress Management
    Natural Detoxification Programs
    Natural Weightloss Programs
    Anti-Aging Therapy
    Natural ADD Treatment
    Management of Inflammatory Conditions
    Natural Lipid and Cholesterol Imbalance Treatment

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy About My Bioidentical Hormones

At My Bioidentical Hormones we are dedicated to serve those who appreciate and value their health and well-being. Through our comprehensive and individually customized alternative medicine programs, we believe in treating the cause of a given ailment, not merely the symptoms. We utilize a dynamic, proprietary approach to healthcare and disease prevention that recognizes the burden of disease placed upon an ailing individual. It is our mission to educate and guide every person toward achieving their highest health potential. Dr. Maria Kraszynska, M.D. believes in using the broad range of experience and knowledge she has amassed while practicing bioidentical hormones, alternative medicine and anti-aging, to her patient’s advantage. Through her individualized custom health programs, dynamic treatment protocols, lectures and structured workshops, patients realize a new sense of empowerment.