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         Balancing hormones...
              to regain...
                  a paramount quality of life


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Bioidentical Hormones Chicago 
Welcome To Our Practice Alternative Medicine Chicago

                                                                 "Your health is your greatest wealth"

  -Waldo Emerson


  Investing in your health is one of the greatest investments you can make. 
  This decision may effect the outcome of your entire life.


  How valuable is your health to you?


Each of our patients is empowered with priceless life-saving knowledge which can guide them throughout their life. When applied on a daily basis according to our recommendations, this knowledge can help reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases, maintain a youthful level of energy and vitality, prevent the decline of mental acuity, secure emotional well-being and ensure a paramount quality of life.

We have a genuine understanding of the questions and confusion that often surround one’s medical situation and the expertise to develop a strategy to overcome those burdens. We easily communicate that strategy with patients who may be learning an entirely new way of improving their health. 

Through our individually customized treatment programs we emphasize on finding and treating the cause of a given ailment, not merely the symptoms.    


The beneficial outcomes our patients have experienced as a result of following our protocols were:


  • Increased energy and vitality
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Enhanced skin complexion  
  • Improved body composition with loss of fat and increased muscle mass
  • Increased memory and mental acuity
  • Enhanced learning and school performance in ADHD children Natural ADHD Treatment, Alternative Medicine Chicago
  • Decreased symptoms of allergies and asthma


Bioidentical Hormone Doctors Patients reported the following:


“For the first time in my life I feel normal”

“My son’s teacher asked me… what kind of treatment is your son 

 getting… because his school performance improved so much”


“My daughter was unable to sleep at night due to her asthma attacks… 

 after following Dr. Kraszynska’s advice she regained good night rest”


“I finally regained control over my menopause… previously I thought that

 my battle was lost… when I met with Dr. Kraszynska, it was as if a new 

 realm of possibilities had opened”


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy A typical initial office consultation includes: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Chicago


* The patient completing a detailed medical questionnaire

            * Examination by a physician

            * Identification of health concerns and problems

            * Establishing health goals

            * Scheduling supportive laboratory tests

            * Preliminary diagnosis

            * Preliminary recommendations for lifestyle adjustments

            * Nutritional supplement assessments and recommendations


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Special Privileges of Our Practice:


  We take pride in accommodating all your needs and providing efficacious 
              solutions to
your health endeavors.


 * Expertise of our physicians, Dr. Kraszynska has extensive experience  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Bioidentical Hormones

   in allopathic medicine, she worked as a family practice physician for 18  

   years before making a transition to alternative medicine in 1996 when

   she discovered that allopathic medicine provided limited options for her

   chronically ill patients. She will incorporate the best treatment solutions

   for you from natural resources and also prescription medications if



* Effective treatment protocols, designed individually for each patient,

   assisting you to obtain and maintain you highest health potential.

   Each treatment protocol has been developed based on Dr. Kraszynska’s  

   vast experience in working with thousands of chronically ill patients as 

   well as those seeking rejuvenation and optimal health.


* Prompt appointments, with your convenience in mind, we offer          

  day-time, evening, and Saturday hours.


* Ample time provided for each appointment, the average appointment 

  lasts approximately 1 hour. It is carried-out in a relaxed, unhurried  

  atmosphere so that we may truly understand your needs and problems. Bioidentical Hormones, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

  You will have the opportunity to relate to us your concerns and goals, we

  always genuinely listen to you and understand your situation.


* Personal connection, Dr. Kraszynska makes her personal telephone  

  line available to her patients so they can communicate with her directly.


* Reports of your progress, you will be provided with a detailed copy(s)

  of your laboratory test(s), with a thorough explanation of their  

  significance (when you go to your primary care doctor, they usually tell

  you only whether your results are normal or abnormal). However, we believe 
  in giving you an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of
your test results.

  Based on the evaluation of your medical history, examination and test  

  results, we will provide you with customized treatment recommendations,

  including dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplements as  

  well as stress management and advise for achieving optimal emotional  



* Privacy, We are committed to maintaining the privacy of all your  

  medical records, emails, faxes etc. The information that you provide to  

  us is kept secure, private, confidential and will not be made available to  

  any other entity or third party without your written consent.


Doctors Specializing in Bioidentical Hormones OFFICE HOURS


To accommodate your needs it the most convenient way, we provide daytime, evening and Saturday appointments.


Our office hours are:


            Monday and Wednesday:    9 AM to 8 PM

            Tuesday and Thursday:        9 AM to 3 PM

            The office is closed on Fridays.

            We are open every other Saturday from 9AM to 2 PM


For the most updated schedule or to make an appointment please Contact Us.

If you are unable to arrive for your scheduled appointment, we require that you give us a 48 hour advance notice either by phone or e-mail. We will gladly reschedule your appointment at a different convenient time.  


We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and we look forward to assisting you in accomplishing to your health goals.

We would like to congratulate you for making a commitment to better health;

and thank you for your confidence in our practice. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled, personalized medical care to our patients. Our office is conveniently located on Chicago’s North Shore with easy access from major highways.


For detailed driving directions to our clinic,  Click here.

Doctors Specializing in Bioidentical Hormones FINANCIAL & CLINIC POLICY

Our practice is office-based. We do not make hospital rounds.

If you need to be treated at a hospital, you can be attended by your primary care doctor or a hospitalist.

All services we provide are fee for service.

We require that the payment for the services rendered will be received at the time the services are provided.

We do not accept or bill insurance directly, however we will provide you with a detailed statement of services that you can submit to your insurance if you desire. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care for our patients. We provide an extended amount of time for each consultation. Each of our patients receives priceless knowledge which can guide them throughout their life.

We accept payments in the form of cash, check and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).